Egyptian Castle Investments

'When Egyptian Castle Investments was established, our main objective was to introduce great opportunities for investing in Africa to the rest of the world through a reliable and trusted trading partner. 

Over the years, Egyptian Castle Investments has earned a well known reputation in the trading field through persistence, as well as, dedication to our clients and partners in building a transparent and efficient import/export process. We have impressively increased the range and volume of the types of commodities we export as well as developed an extensive logistics network.

Now with 3 branches located in Egypt, Sudan and the UAE, we look forward to continue to serve our partners and clients with the same levels of excellence they have come to expect from us. As well, we will always continue to implement forward looking strategies to continuously better serve our clients.” 


 Mohamed Atta Gad

Chairman and Managing Director

Domestic and Global

Egyptian Castle Investments has maintained a strong presence in the region for over 16 years, with 3 branches now in Egypt and the UAE, serving our main overseas markets of Europe, North America, South East Asia and the Middle East. 

Over 150 company-owned trucks deliver cargo everyday in 5 countries, allowing us to safely and quickly deliver our shipments to their destination. Our skilled logistics staff also works around the clock to serve our trading markets around the globe, shipping 6,000 metric tons per cargo.

We also have our reliable partners who are able to transport any cargo overseas, covering the entire Gulf, East and North Africa regions.

Our main sea and inland ports include Cairo, El Adabiya, Sokhna, Suez, Alexandria, El Hamriya, Port Said, Safaga, El Hamrawein, Abu Soma and Aswan in Egypt as well as Khartoum and Port Sudan in Sudan and Juba in South Sudan. We also ship to ports in Libya, Jordan, Palestine, and Iraq.

Additionally, as part of our expansion plans, we have recently inaugurated a new branch in Cairo, featuring state of the art facilities and equipped with the latest technology. The branch will also support the ongoing expansion of our company into new prospective markets in the region.

International activities and investments